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With OMNI, you have everything you need. It's a virtual property that enables you to securely make transactions worldwide without relying on currencies. πŸ’³ OMNI Kredi provides instant access to INTEREST-FREE Credit based on our AI approval. OMNI Kredi's AI can detect your seriousness to help you GROW.

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To get started with OMNI and join our INTEREST-FREE Credit-building Ecosystem, follow these simple steps:

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    Sign Up for an Account and Get Verified

    Download our App to Begin

    Fill in the required information, including your phone number, real name, email address, password, and date of birth. *YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO MODIFY THEM LATER! As part of the registration process, you must undergo a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. Take a selfie, submit your ID, and ENJOY! This step ensures the security and compliance of the platform. Follow the instructions provided to complete the KYC process, which may involve submitting identification documents and other relevant information.

  • 02

    Start Making Transactions +90 days

    Use OMNI for Transactions

    With your credited OMNI, you can begin to make transactions without border within the OMNI platforms. Explore the different transaction options, such as getting goods and services, sending OMNI credits to other users, requesting OMNI, reimbursing OMNI Kredi, and more. Enjoy the convenience of using OMNI as a virtual property for secure and borderless transactions. Make transactions often for at least 90 days until OMNI Kredi's AI unlocks your credit status and unlock your potentials. *Some users can take longer to get their credit status unlocked.

  • 03

    Check your Credit Status

    Wait for an Initial Credit Line

    OK's AI-driven system evaluates your creditworthiness based on OK's platforms usage and ability to make timely reimbursements. As a new user, you may initially receive a certain credit limit determined by the platform's assessment done by AI after multiple transactions. This credit limit allows you to start utilizing OMNI credits for transactions within the platform. To get started, you must buy OMNI to start making transactions until OK's AI grants you a credit line. A lot of stores, services, and products are available in OK's app.

You Should Not be Exploited for Going Through a Difficult Season in Your Life

Have you been using OMNI? You can be qualified for an INTEREST-FREE Credit line without paying any interest. Just reimburse on time!

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Closed Loop Transactions

OMNI Kredi's Closed Loop Transactions works with OMNI Cards which are virtually offered within the OMNI Kredi's platforms for specialized transactions. These virtual cards are designed specifically for use within the OMNI Kredi ecosystem and are not linked to traditional banking systems because OMNI is not a currency. Users cards' are linked to the OMNI QR Code which can be used alternatively during transaction processes. Fees are not applied when using these cards or the QR Code. NO FEES for P2P transactions between OMNI users. OMNI credit score's will be calculated by using these cards.

* They enable users to access their credited funds and make transactions within the OMNI Kredi's network by having up to 3.5% OMNI back after each transaction.

OMNI Kredi's Card

OMNI Kredi's Card is a virtual card offered by OMNI Kredi that provides credits to users with a versatile and widely accepted transaction method solution. As a Virtual Card, it can be used for transactions not only within the OMNI Kredi's ecosystem but also at various merchants globally that accept virtual cards to process their transcations. As a virtual card, OMNI users can use it to make transactions wherever Virtual Cards are accepted, expanding their power and convenience. OMNI credit score's will not be impacted by using these cards but *RELOADING FEES applied and are related to card processors.

* The OMNI Kredi's Card is accepted worldwide at millions of locations that honor virtual cards or NFC. OMNI back after each transaction doesn't apply using these cards.

Global Withdrawal System

OMNI Kredi's Global Withdrawal system is a feature that allows OMNI users to conveniently withdraw their credited OMNI from the OMNI Kredi's platforms and send them to their traditional bank accounts. This system ensures that users have easy access to their OMNI and the flexibility to utilize them beyond the OMNI Kredi ecosystem. Users can be charged up to 10% transaction fees by using this method. Users can also sell their OMNI to an OMNI Agent to get cash. They can be charged up to 8% for this type of transaction. Reimbursement to OK and *RELOADING FEES applied due to card processors.

* This process eliminates the need for additional intermediaries or complex procedures, making withdrawals simple and convenient. However, traditionnal gateways charge high processing fees.

Business Transactions

OMNI Kredi's Business Closed Loop Transactions is an architecture to help businesses getting OMNI during specialized transactions offered within the OMNI Kredi's platforms. OMNI is designed specifically for use within the OMNI Kredi's ecosystem and is not linked to traditional banking systems. By accepting OMNI, business owner can become participating merchants to access exclusive promotions, and leverage loyalty rewards within the OMNI Kredi's ecosystem, get transactions done with OMNI when they accept OMNI QR Code as a transaction method. NO FEES for P2B transactions between OMNI users and businesses powered by OMNI. Business' credit score will be calculated by using the QR Code.

* Business owners can access their credited OMNI with up to 3.5% OMNI as a reward and make other transactions within the OMNI Kredi's network. *Business owners are neither charged for reloading their cards nor during checkout process.

OMNI Kredi's Business Card

OMNI Kredi's Business Card is a virtual card offered by OMNI Kredi that provides businesses with a versatile and widely accepted payment solution. As a virutal card, it can be used by business owners for transactions not only within the OMNI Kredi's ecosystem but also at various merchants globally that accept virtual cards by expanding their purchasing power and convenience. NFC technologies are available in our platforms for these type of transactions and business owners can use their cards everywhere NFC technologies are available for transactions. OMNI back after each transaction doesn't apply using these cards. OMNI credit score's will not be impacted by using these cards and *RELOADING FEES are paid by OK.

* The OMNI Kredi's Business Card is accepted worldwide at millions of locations that honor virtual cards as a transaction method. *Users can be still charged a transaction fee for reloading their cards and during checkout process.

OMNI Business Account

The OMNI Business Account, also known as OMNIBiz, is a service offered by OMNI Kredi that allows businesses and merchants to join the OMNI Kredi ecosystem and accept payments in OMNI from any user worldwide. This account provides a range of benefits and functionalities specifically tailored to meet the needs of businesses and merchants within the platform. Businesses can not only establish their alternative credit by using OMNI as a transaction method but also get OMNI back daily until they withdraw their OMNI via traditional gateways. The OMNI Business Account as a merchant account can be easily integrated into various e-commerce platforms, websites, in-store point-of-sale (POS) systems or OMNI POS apps.

* With an OMNI Business Account, business owners and merchants can expand their payment options by accepting OMNI as a form of payment and get up to 3.5% OMNI back. Why paying processing fees when you can be rewarded for using OMNI?

Join OMNI Kredi Today, Start Using OMNI Globally to Build Alternatively your Credit

πŸŒπŸš€ Are you tired of being limited by the availability of currencies for your online transactions? Say goodbye to the hassle and welcome OMNI, your ultimate solution! OMNI provides a seamless and efficient alternative, allowing you to make transactions with ease, regardless of your location. πŸŒŽπŸ‘‰ Don't have currency to make transactions? Use OMNI. That's all you need. Start your OMNI journey today! πŸ’« OMNI is the game-changer! 🌐 πŸ” Trust in the robust security of OMNI as you navigate the online realm. Our advanced encryption technology ensures your transactions are safe and protected, providing you with peace of mind by protecting your income. πŸ’ͺFollow these simple steps to get your alternative credit built by our AI:

  • Create and verify your OK's account to activate your OMNI Prime account

  • Activate OMNI Prime and start making daily life transactions with OMNI

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