What is OMNI Kredi?

An Interest-Free Alternative Credit-builder Ecosystem

OMNI Kredi is a revolutionary INTEREST-FREE Alternative Credit-builder Ecosystem designed to transform the way individuals worldwide establish and enhance their creditworthiness. Unlike traditional credit systems that rely on money and credit scores, OMNI Kredi introduces a groundbreaking approach by utilizing OMNI, a virtual property created by OMNI NOVAS that allows artificial intelligence to help people build their credit. "ONE WORLD! ONE Transaction Method! OMNI."

How It's Works

🌍🔑 Get Interest-Free Credit in 4 Steps! 🌍🔑

To get started with OMNI and join our Interest-Free Alternative Credit-building Ecosystem, follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Sign Up for an Account

Step 2

Get Verified

Step 3

Start Making Transactions

Step 4

Wait for an Initial Credit Line


🌍Secure Global Transactions Made Easy With OMNI💰

OMNI provides a seamless and efficient alternative, allowing you to make transactions with ease, regardless of your location. With OMNI, you can make transactions like buying OMNI, sending OMNI, requesting OMNI, selling OMNI, and withdrawing your credited OMNI, all within a seamless and borderless environment. The value of OMNI is to provide a stable and universal unit for conducting transactions WORLDWIDE.


1- Buy OMNI

Use OMNI as a global transaction method. OMNI is an alternative to traditional currencies to build credit faster. Start with a secured credit line using OMNI within the platforms for various transactions.


2- Send OMNI

Share your available OMNI with other users on the platforms. Send OMNI within seconds to friends, family, or business associates, by using either their QR Code, phone number, or email.


3- Request OMNI

Request OMNI from other users within the platforms for reimbursing shared expenses, settling debts, or facilitating transactions where OMNI credits are involved.


4- Sell OMNI

Convert within the platforms your credited OMNI back into your local currencies by securely selling your OMNI credits and receiving cash in return via our authorized agents worldwide.


5- Withdraw OMNI

Access your available OMNI credit in your desired form either by selling your OMNI or by *reloading them onto your Visa or Mastercard debit card for everyday spending.


6- Make Donations with OMNI

Get help from others to repay your credit line, turning your difficult journey into a collective effort by simply sharing a donation link. You can do the same to help others.


7- Pay Bills with OMNI

Settle utility bills globally directly from your OMNI balance saving time and effort with a robust invoicing system that streamlines billing procedures. Settle bills on time with a credit line.


8- Use OMNI Vouchers

Transform the way you gift. Whether it's for birthdays, celebrations, or corporate incentives, offer the gift to others by choosing OMNI Vouchers. No expiry hassles. Vouchers are redeemed globally.

Why Choosing OMNI Kredi?

9 Reasons to use OMNI Kredi

You should not be exploited for going through a difficult season in your life! 💳 OMNI Kredi provides OMNI Prime members instant access to INTEREST-FREE Credit based on our AI approval. OMNI Kredi's AI can detect your seriousness to help you GROW. All types of transactions you make can help you build credit inside OMNI Kredi's ecosystem.

1- Build Credit Securely

Start building or rebuilding your credit with a secured credit line. Offer some form of security, such as a deposit or valuable asset, to establish a credit line.

2- Build Credit while Saving

Save, grow your wealth, and build credit at once. By earning up to 10% return on your savings, you're not just building credit; you're securing your future.

3- Build Credit while Investing

Manage your OMNI Universal Investment (OUI) portfolio, and witness your investments grow with a solid return on investment (up to 15%).

4- Get Interest-Free Credit

Secure an interest-free credit line, freeing you from the burden of high-interest charges. OMNI is making your financial decisions worry-free.

5- Share Available Credit Line

Share your available credit line balance seamlessly with anyone, anywhere globally, using a simple QR code. OMNI Kredi makes global transactions effortless.

6- Get Rewarded Using OMNI

Get rewarded once you make transactions with OMNI Globally. You can get up to %3.5 OMNI Back with perks every time you transact with OMNI worldwide.

7- Do Transactions Globally

Do business with others seamlessly within the OMNI Kredi ecosystem using your credit line. Pay others using your credit line inside our Ecosystem (OKE).

8- Withdraw from Credit Line

Gain the flexibility to access your credit line easily. Withdraw at any agent or merchant location regardless of your geographic location.

9- Use Global Loyalty Card

Utilize the OMNI Closed Loop Cards to purchase at participating merchants for OMNI Kredi's unique loyalty program offers you OMNI Back, not mere points.

Service Provided

Unlock Your Potential with OMNI Kredi

Utilize your OMNI credits for a wide range of transactions, including but not limited to purchasing goods and services, paying bills, and conducting online transactions. OMNI Kredi's platform is designed to enable users to seamlessly integrate OMNI credits into their daily activities. Our QR Code system allows users to make transactions by scanning a QR code using their mobile device.

OMNI Global

Get global privilege with OMNI. Whether it's sending OMNI to a loved one, paying for goods and services, or receiving OMNI from international clients within seconds, our QR code solution makes it all possible at your fingertips.

OMNI Request

Get help globally with OMNI. Whether it's to receive OMNI from a loved one to pay for goods and services or receive OMNI from international clients, our QR code solution makes it all possible at your fingertips to transact with anyone.


Get cash for your OMNI worldwide. Access instantly cash from any country by selling your available credited OMNI to OMNI Agents and Merchants, providing a straightforward, safe, and secure way to obtain cash when needed. No need for an ATM.

OMNI Bill Pay

Pay your bills worldwide electronically through our platform using your OMNI Kredi's credit line or your available OMNI from your secured credit line. It is a convenient and efficient way to manage recurring bills and be on time.


Get rewarded for using your OMNI balance or your OMNI Kredi's secured credit line that empowers you to securely shop online, pay utility bills, and conduct secure peer-to-peer transactions with ease by simply scanning the code and increasing your credit line.

OMNI Virtual Cards

Use instantly OMNI Virtual Cards everywhere you are. Geographical borders fade away with your virtual cards which work where you are. NO FEES for P2P transactions between OMNI users. Increase your credit power by using your cards.

OMNI Wealth

Stop paying exorbitant processing fees! Enjoy up to 3.5% OMNI Back to your OMNI Wealth account and access a wide array of rewards when you use your available OMNI or your OMNI Kredi's credit line to transact, pay bills, and shop online.

OMNI Closed Loop Cards

Use your physical OMNI Closed Loop Cards within the OMNI Kredi ecosystem and build your credit by having up to 3.5% OMNI back after each transaction worldwide at any location that honors OMNI Cards or NFC. It is secured and fast.


Say goodbye to traditional, clunky systems and embrace the power of getting up to 3.5% OMNI Back for accepting OMNI as a payment method and building your business credit profile.


Accept payments from customers and enhance the checkout experience with OMNI QRPay when customers purchase using their OMNI balance, streamlining transactions for both parties.

OMNI Marketplace

Register your businesses and showcase your products or services on our platforms. Your business can expand its customer base globally through OMNI's vast network available in 145 countries.


Frequently Asked Questions

We provide answers to frequently asked questions about OMNI Kredi, including how it works, eligibility, fees, and more. The FAQs cover various aspects of OMNI Kredi, OMNI, OMNI Virtual Cards, OMNI Marketplace, OMNI BIZ, etc.

What is OMNI Kredi?

OMNI Kredi is a global credit builder platform that doesn’t use traditional money to build credit. Instead, users can use funded OMNI, a virtual property, to make transactions and establish their credit globally. It is an innovative alternative credit system powered by artificial intelligence, providing users with a UNIC (unique number of identification for credit) available worldwide.

Is OMNI Kredi a virtual currency?

No, OMNI Kredi is not a virtual currency. It is a virtual property created by OMNI NOVAS GROUPS LLC to facilitate transactions and build credit. Users can have a funded OMNI balance, which they can use to make transactions globally. OMNI is not a cryptocurrency.

What is OMNI QRPay?

OMNI QRPay is a digital global leader in the credit solution that enables users to make transactions using their available credit line by scanning QR codes with their mobile devices.

Is OMNI QRPay secure?

Yes, OMNI QRPay incorporates advanced security measures to protect your payment information. It utilizes encryption protocols and secure authentication methods to ensure the safety of your transactions.

How does OMNI QRPay work?

To use OMNI QRPay, simply open the app, scan the QR code displayed at the merchant’s location, and enter the quantity of OMNI you want to send. Confirm the transaction and the OMNI transaction will be processed instantly.

Can I use OMNI QRPay for online purchases?

OMNI QRPay is primarily designed for in-person transactions at physical stores. However, a lot of OMNI online merchants also support OMNI QRPay as their main payment option.

Which mobile devices are compatible with OMNI Kredi?

OMNI Kredi app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Simply download the OMNI Kredi app from the respective app stores and follow the setup instructions.

Are there any transaction limits with OMNI QRPay?

Transaction limits may vary depending on the specific implementation of OMNI QRPay. Some merchants or banks may impose transaction limits to ensure security. Check with your service provider for any applicable limits. However, OMNI Kredi's limits are tied to users' credit limits.

Can I link multiple bank accounts or payment methods to OMNI Kredi?

OMNI Kredi allows you to link multiple bank accounts or payment methods, providing flexibility in choosing the source for your transactions. You can manage your linked accounts within the OMNI Kredi app.

What should I do if I encounter issues with OMNI Kredi during a transaction?

If you experience any issues or have questions about OMNI Kredi, please contact our customer support team via the app or by email: They will be happy to assist you and resolve any concerns promptly.

Is OMNI QRPay available internationally?

OMNI Kredi and OMNI QRPay availability may vary by region. While it is widely adopted in many countries, it’s recommended to check with your local merchants or agents to confirm OMNI Kredi or OMNI QRPay support in your location.

Can I view transaction history and receipts in OMNI Kredi?

Yes, OMNI Kredi provides a transaction history feature where you can view details of your past transactions, including dates, amounts, and merchant information. You can also generate digital receipts for your records (from a browser).

Credit Building Redefined

Build Credit Differently

At OMNI Kredi, we believe in alternative credit-building. Forget traditional credit scores; we offer a unique way to build your credit and achieve financial freedom because you can set up a personal credit line for yourself and another for your family.




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We value your commitment to your own freedom and responsibility. We want to reward it without paying any interest. Just reimburse on time! Get a borderless credit line for you and for your family as well TODAY!

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Pay Bills

I used OMNI Kredi when my wife needed surgery before our baby was born. The service was great, fast but also the team is very friendly. It was a fantastic pain-free experience. Thank you OK! OK?

Enock C.


Fast Credit Line

The OMNI Kredi's application process is fast and simple. In a short time, I had the OMNI I needed to pay off some debt for my wife abroad and to complete all the necessary improvements at home.

Marc A.


Game Changer

I never thought building credit could be this easy. OMNI Kredi is a game-changer. I built my credit while growing my wealth. Highly recommended!

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