How to reload your OMNI Kredi’s debit card or account with NatCash (Haiti)

How to top up a debit card or account with NatCash (Haiti)?
Whether it’s to top up a debit card or someone else’s account, invest, pay, or refund, you can do it inside the OMNI Kredi app via NatCash.

Withdraw your NatCash amount to this agent number 166735 in the NatCash app on your phone.
You can also withdraw by scanning this NatCash QR Code. After that, remember to take the screenshot so you can follow these steps.

In the OMNI Kredi’s app
1- Press Buy OMNI (The Green Button)
2- Set the Amount
3- add the transaction ID
4- Upload the NatCash screenshot
5- Click on proceed to finish

*When finished, always remember to put the screenshot inside the OMNI Kredi app itself.  

NB: Once your transaction is validated, we can manually approve it in about 72 hours.  

When buying OMNI for the first time, you must add 3.5 OMNI in addition to what you are using so that your account has a minimum of 3.5 OMNI which is the balance required for the account to remain active.

* Always include this memo below in English in all transactions with your phone number or the recipient’s phone number. Otherwise, neither you nor the person will be able to get the credit*: Reimbursement OMNI Kredi #Phone and name of the client

In addition, the person will need 7% as a fee for the transaction to be done via an Agent (in Haiti & Dominican Republic only). OMNI Prime holders will pay %5.5 (in Haiti & Dominican Republic only).  

Get a live agent

Our NatCash QR Code

N.B: Video is coming soon

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